When Delphi split into two companies—the newly-named Aptiv and the redefined Delphi Technologies—two new organizations were created, one new brand, one to be evolved, each their own distinct visual sensibilities.
    Aptiv was the new technology and mobility company with a primary focus on autonomous driving platform. Building from Aptiv’s brand positioning, the concepts of connection and connecting became the primary departure point. The logo embodied the connection idea in a simple and elegant expression—two orange points connected by the Aptiv name.
    The simple graphic gesture of the two points became an unending source of inspiration for everyone creating communications for Aptiv. The points are both a starting point and an end point, and many points in the middle of a journey. Animation and illustration is built using orange points. Imagery uses sunrises and sunsets. Presentations use orange points in their charts and graphs—and orange bullets in text. Locations are orange points on a map. Autonomous vehicles at CES had orange wheel rims with the Aptiv name on the body connecting the wheel points.

Creative direction by Wally, designed by Kris Louie, Xander Vinogradov, and Jane Boynton with Marie Minyo at Landor.
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