“I want to show you something.” 

Photography is used as an exercise in the observation, recording, and cataloging of objects and situations in the real world as they are, outside of the design studio.
    While most images and their situations are not intentionally design-related, they are an integral part of an ongoing exploration of color, typography, contexts, and relationships.
   Each theme collected here is an abridged set of 30 examples pulled from Wally’s archive of over 80,000 photographs.

“I want to show you something” is a phrase used during the design process while ideas are still in the early stages of growth, change, and expansion. It’s about sharing something observed, like a book, a scene from a movie, a piece of music, a sculpture, or in these cases, a photographed object, place, or situation. These images  are part of an ongoing exercise in learning from the things that impose themselves in their own unique way.
    This is, as a way of working, central to Wally’s approach to design: collaboration, sharing, and being open to thoughts and ideas coming from unexpected people and places.

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