The relief workers of the International Rescue Committee go into the places where the world needs them the most.
    An identity and visual system became a banner and guide for the families affected by humanitarian crises while creating a sense of urgency for fundraising.
    An emphasis on the word rescue, a yellow and black color pairing designed to command attention, and the arrow, a symbol that is universally understood, work together as both the visual identity and their visual system.
    Everything the International Rescue Committee does is tied to a sense of urgency: urgency for the people in the places around the world that are affected by war, human rights violations, and environmental disasters; urgency to help the people affected and to evacuate them and get them to safety—from harm to home; urgency to identify the relief workers and locations in a chaotic environment; urgency to raise awareness and donations to help in their mission.

Creative direction and design by Wally with Dana Killinger and David Schor at Futurebrand.

An agency collaboration with FCB.

Brand identity
Visual identity system
Launch event

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