The 2001 merger of the international Japan Airlines with the domestic-serving Japan Air System introduced a new logo, visual system, and unified fleet of aircraft liveries. Japan Airlines was positioned to be the flag-carrier for Japan, using a cropping of the rising sun on every aircraft tail.
    A complementary JAL logotype with a silver and red upward arc, dubbed The Arc of the Sun, was the primary identity, supporting the JAL brand tagline of Dream Skyward.
    This livery and system served Japan Airlines for ten years until the 2011 merger with ANA—All Nippon Airways. The name remained Japan Airlines for the new company and the Arc of the Sun livery was retired to allow for a return to the 1958 tsurumaru crane logo.

There is a significant collection of project notebooks related to all of Wally’s projects. This spread was discovered a few years ago, showing the initial sketches for the Arc of the Sun concept done during breakfast at the Akasaka Prince Hotel in Tokyo. A few weeks later, back in NYC, Annika Kappenstein suggested flipping the arc, which all agreed was a brilliant gesture once the abstraction of the Japanese archepilago was seen.

Designed by Wally with Annika Kappenstein, Junji Hase, and Nao Okawa with creative direction by Richard Ford at Landor.

A collaboration between Landor’s New York and Tokyo offices.

Brand identity
Visual identity system
Brand architecture design
Vehicle livery

The last aircraft to carry the Arc of the Sun livery was retired in 2016.

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