Lawrence Kim approached Wally to discuss an image to be used for Lawrence’s second solo release, After the Weather. Being mutual fans of each other—Wally of Lawrence’s music, and Lawrence of Wally’s photography and design—the collaboration was a perfect fit.
    It began as a conversation about an image, using an early mix of the songs as a departure point. A selection of over 150 photographs were discussed were eventually narrowed down to five.
    The original intent was to have the cover be a pure image with no typography. They started to think about what typography and color could do as a new layer, and how a visual hierarchy could be created between Lawrence’s name and the title of the album After the Weather.
    One type size was selected for both name and title: Lawrence Kim could be the primary read in gray on gray, with After the Weather set in vibrant color—purposefully selecting color pairings that would vibrate as much as possible.

The five selected images drawn from the original 162 photographs. Different vibrating colorways were used for the title of each song.

The final sleeve design using the Temporary Dogmas image with refined color from the original After the Weather design.
Listen to the song Silent Summer and the rest of the album here ︎︎︎ ︎

Creative direction, design, and photography by Wally for Outside Order.

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