What began as a brand architecture project became a design evolution of the NFL shield and the creation of a proprietary typeface, Endzone.
    The decision to redesign the shield became clear  after seeing that the brand architecture system would be significantly stronger if there was some shared DNA between the system elements and the shield.
    The legacy shield had 25 stars with a football (referred to as the hamburger or the U.F.O.) and NFL letterforms that couldn’t be used outside of the shield. We wanted to give everything  meaning and be able to use individual elements outside of the shield.
    The redesign used 8 stars to map to the four divisions in both the AFC and the NFC, a football modeled on the Lombardi Trophy, and a redesigned logotype that became the foundation for a proprietary NFL typeface that we named Endzone.
    Every element of the new system was designed to thrive in digital, broadcast, uniforms, and on-field graphics.

Creative direction and design by Wally with Annika Kappenstein, Bogdan Geana, Jane Boynton, and Nao Okawa at Landor.

Strategy led by Ken Runkel and Dave Gaglione at Landor.

Endzone typeface concept and design by Wally with Annika Kappenstein. Foundation characters were drawn by Annika and the full character set was extrapolated, refined, and digitized by Chester Jenkins.

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