Shazam’s software seemed to embody Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.
    Using the Shazam app for the first time can be delightful. How does it know song this is and who sings it? It must be magic.
    Shazam was growing from music identification on a phone into a platform on TV and other mediums. The visual identity system was created to live on the app, but didn’t have the ability work in environments outside of those defined by Shazam.
    The foundation elements were simplified through a redrawn S symbol, a new propriety logotype. The spirit of the lower-case a was balanced with a refined S to balance out the unicase wordmark.
    Working with Shazam’s in-house design team, a new animation and motion sensibility was created to connect the app to television and other dynamic media prompts.

Creative direction by Wally, design by Sam Becker and Dana Killinger with Charlie Lebess at Brand Union.

Brand identity
Visual identity system
Animation and motion sensibility
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