It’s a logo. It’s also a map with the word IN hidden in the streets and avenues.
    The name of the Fashion District Business Improvement District changed back to the name that is on maps, feels genuine, and is what New Yorkers actually call the area: The Garment District.
    A list of themes to communicate the richness of the disctrict were integrated with the logo to be a part of their core messaging. 
    The I from IN is defined by 8th Avenue, the N is made by the combination of 7th Avenue, Broadway, and 6th Avenue.
    A new messaging construct became the foundation for social media, digital, and environmental graphics by calling to attention the different things people are encouraged to do in The Garment District.
    Work IN The Garment District.
    Live IN The Garment District.
    Dine IN The Garment District.
    Create IN The Garment District.

Creative direction and design by Wally and Dana Killinger with Charlie Lebess.

Brand identity
Visual identity system

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